65 Movie

65 Movie

What would happen if we went back to the Jurassic period 65 million years ago with today’s technology?

Here we are going to tell you about an upcoming movie that many people are looking forward to and you definitely want to experience the theater. We have all heard that 65 million years ago, a large meteorite came and the dinosaurs disappeared from this earth. But what if the cause is not a meteorite? What do you think if it was caused by the activity of people with high technology?  Isn’t it amazing?

Okay, the name of this movie is “65”. The movie is directed and written by two directors named Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who wrote the movie Quiet place. And, the film was produced by Sam Raimi, who directed the beloved Spider-Man Trilogy. Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, and Chloe Coleman are the main actors in the film. Sony Pictures has the right to distribute the film.

65 Movie
Credits by Sony Pictures

The Trailer

There was plenty of time for a trailer to be published because the movie’s production was reportedly completed in early 2021. However, the trailer debuted on December 14, 2022, and it can be seen below.

What Is 65 Movie About?

Mills, played by Adam Driver, is a humanoid astronaut from some other world who is carrying 35 travelers on an explorative mission when his ship is hit by an asteroid. On the other hand, he arrived on Earth around 65 million years ago, during the dinosaur era. Then, he reveals himself in a fight for survival against mighty T-Rexes that look like they stepped out of Jurassic Park, in addition to other dinosaurs, with minimal equipment and weaponry on his side. Mills also plays the role as a guardian for the wreck’s sole survivor, a girl named Koa.

All we can do is wait and see. In a discussion with Inverse, composer Danny Elfman promised that the film’s score will be “a thrilling piece of fiction,” well whatever Beck and Woods have had in store for all of us, we’re willing to let it set our minds, and hearts racing.

The Cast of 65

65, which takes place 65 million years ago, includes an extremely small human cast. In addition to Driver playing Mills, Ariana Greenblatt will perform Koa. 65 will also feature Chloe Coleman, although her role is mysterious. Instead that, 65’s supporting cast will be mostly made up of dinosaurs. However, because Mills communicates with his superiors via radio, more human characters may have seemed in 65, most probably early on as Mills starts his mission in space.

65 Movie
Credits by Sony Pictures

65 Movie Release Date

The release date of Sony’s 65 has changed several times. The highly anticipated sci-fi film was initially planned for May 13, 2022, and then moved to April 29, 2022. The premiere date of 65 has been later pushed back to April 14 as well as April 28 of 2023, before eventually debuting in movie theatres on March 3, 2023.

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