House of the Dragon Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

House of the Dragon Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

You can thank the old and new gods because House of the Dragon has already been renewed for season 2.

House of the Dragon has been released as a spinoff to ‘Games of Thrones”. Both Games of Thrones and House of the Dragon are notable for being based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels.

House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones spin-off, made its debut in the summer of 2022. And also, the scandalous, dragon-filled HBO drama has remained a hot topic even after its first season concluded. The first season’s finale received some of HBO’s greatest ratings following the conclusion of Game of Thrones. Many people are curious about the direction the series will take following some surprising defeats in the finale episode because it is such a well-liked series with a broad range of lore.

Although Season 1’s 10 episodes were filled with content, some of Game of Thrones’ most well-liked families were left out. In the middle of all this King’s Landing-focused drama, ‘GOT’ fans may also be questioning where the ancestors of their favorite characters are. The Starks and the Night’s Watch, what about them? What about the wealthy Lannister family from Casterly Rock? Here is what we currently know about what to anticipate in House of the Dragon Season 2. There is a ton of world exploration left to do.

House of the Dragon Season 2
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House of the Dragon season 2 cast

The majority of the series’ top actors from the first season will be back. Becuse their characters mature from younger Westerosi socialites to wartime political leaders. Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke, who previously played the older forms of opposing regents Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, respectively, will reprise their roles. Rhaenys Targaryen and Corlys Velaryon, the rulers of the Velaryon family, are portrayed by Eve Best and Steve Toussaint. 

As Aegon II Targaryen, the recently crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms, Tom Glynn-Carney will make a comeback. Aemond Targaryen is portrayed by Ewan Mitchell, and Helaena Targaryen, their sister, and Aegon’s wife is portrayed by Phia Saban. Fabian Frankel, playing Ser Criston Cole, and Jefferson Hall, playing Tyland Lannister, are returning as a part of the Hightower’s “Green” force. The second season of the show might feature some more significant roles for some minor characters from the previous season. Currently, Sonoya Mizuno is portraying Mysaria, Roger Evans is playing Borros Baratheon, and Luke and Elliot Tittensor are playing Sers Erryk and Arryk Caryll.

What new characters can we expect?

Daeron Targaryen was a significant House of the Dragon character who was absent from season 1. According to George R. R. Martin, the decision was made not to introduce Alicent’s fourth child in season 1 rather than completely cutting him from the series. Through a blog post, Martin has confirmed that Daeron is alive and living in Oldtown.

The Greens and Blacks will probably build their respective teams in Season 2 in order to be more powerful. On the doomed journey Rhaenyra’s sons embark to win the House’s allegiance, we first encountered Robert Baratheon’s ancestor Borros in the Season 1 finale. House Lannister and House Tully are two other important houses that support the Greens throughout the war. Therefore, perhaps, in the upcoming season, we’ll meet the ancient leaders of those houses.

House of the Dragon Season 2
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Moreover, viewers might be seen Cregan Stark, an ancestor of the Stark family who joins Rhaenyra and the blacks. Soldiers of the Ironborn of the Iron Islands aka House Greyjoy perhaps also will be seen. During the Game of Thrones series, House Greyjoy wasn’t pretty powerful, but it did boast famed fighter Dalton Greyjoy, also known as “The Red Kraken”. 

Jeyne Arryn, Hugh Hammer, Nettles, and Unwine Peake are some significant characters whose casting we might expect to see in season 2. Even though you may only be familiar with the name of Arryn, all of these characters will play significant parts in the Targaryen saga, either in season 2 or later.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Plot

A quick refresher,

While Season 1 took us through the beginnings of the “Dance of the Dragons” between opposing Targaryen family groups, Season 2 will focus on the conflict that followed this split. Aegon Targaryen II’s children, who are now fighting for the Westeros throne, have split into rival groups. On one team are the Greens, the supporters of Viserys I’s second wife Alicent Hightower. On the opposite team are the Blacks, those who support Rhaenrya, Viserys I’s selected successor, and her husband-uncle Daemon. The conflict between the two parties is finally started in the finale episode when Aemond killed Rhaenyra’s child Lucerys.

House of the Dragon Season 2
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Bloys the CEO of HBO has told viewers that Season 2 won’t feature any of the time skips that some viewers found confusing and annoying in Season 1. Since Westeros is at conflict with itself, it is safe to suppose that the series will start up at some point after this shocking loss. Our storyline may begin with Rhaenyra learning about Lucerys’ passing or it might take up after the start of the conflict. Regardless of the episode’s action, it will undoubtedly keep viewers interested from beginning to end.

House of the Dragon season 2: release date

Season 2 of House of the Dragon has not yet been given a release date. Nevertheless, we do know about when fans could anticipate it to be released. Sadly, people who are really curious about what will happen to the Greens and the Blacks in the future will have to patiently wait till 2024.

Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer of HBO and HBO Max has informed fans that we shouldn’t anticipate Season 2 in 2023 but rather sometime in 2024 due to the significant “unknowns” in its production. Bloys’ response indicates that pre-production hasn’t yet begun for the show, even though we don’t know when in 2024 the upcoming season would air. It makes reasonable that development would be slow considering that House of the Dragon’s realm will be expanding in the following seasons.

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